Our History

In the Spring of 2001, Jean-Marc Souley Niaba called for a gathering of the African students at Tech under an umbrella that could be recognized on campus, allowing them therefore to profit from the benefits of being at Tech.

The idea seemed charming for many of the African students. In February 2001, after receiving the 12 required signatures from the first members, Souley submitted a copy of the Constitution of the Organization to the Student Affairs, outlining the purpose and mission of a group of African students, who were eager to get Africans recognized and also have some fun in the process.

At the end of February, he received an email confirming our status on campus. The first meeting of ASO took place in the first week of March 2001, where elections for the board were scheduled. The first president of ASO was Souley. Our first event on campus was with the International Club at Houghton High School. We organized our first African Night around mid-April 2001 at the MUB.

Article I. Name
Article II. Objectives
Article III. Membership
Article IV. Officers
Article V. Advisor(s)
Article VI. Committees
Article VII. Dues
Article VIII. Meetings
Article IX. Constitution

Complete constitution found here.